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The big question: is it craft or is it art?
My answer is I don't know. 

My name is David Rae and I came to this: art or craft, late in life. Having worked in Information Technology for many years, I took an opportunity to leave the technology behind to do more with my hands as well as my brain. After a few trial sales at a safe venue and receiving warm positive feedback I decided to explore more wood and resin combinations. I also adopted the name Craftythistle, mainly because I liked it, but also hoping that it would be easier to find on the internet.

Now residing in the Kingdom of Fife and looking forward to producing a range of interesting items that others find pleasing and hopefully wish to purchase.

Always keen to discuss commissions and collaborations where I strive to understand how I can deliver that special piece for a potential client. So if you see something that you like and would like to discuss an idea specifically for you then  please don't hesitate to contact me.

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